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Zanthorrea's Plants

Australian native plants are well known for their unique beauty. Long neglected as garden plants in Western Australia, they have had a recent surge in popularity as water-wise alternatives to traditional garden plants. Plant breeders, both in Australia and overseas are developing cultivars and hybrids with wide appeal. As well as looking spectacular in the contemporary or bush garden, our local flora is highly attractive to birds and other native animals.

All the plants we grow on site are potted on by hand and our nursery meets Both NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) and SGA (Sustainable Gardening Australia) standards.

Plant of the Month: Conostylis candicans

Conostylis = cone style (refers to shape of the flower base)
candicans = becoming white (refers to the silvery leaf colour)
Common Name = Grey Cottonhead

This is a wonderful clump-forming plant, with silvery-grey strappy leaves and bright yellow flower heads, held proudly above the foliage, in winter-spring. Growing locally in the hills and along the coast north and south of Perth, Conostylis is very adaptable to wide range of free draining soils including limestone, sand and gravel. Very showy in mass plantings, borders and to add foliage texture and colour interest to mixed garden beds. Cut back flower spikes after flowering and feed once a year with a native controlled release fertiliser.

40cm H x 50cm W

One Dollar from each sale will go towards Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Whats new from our growing area!

Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’

Mt Tamboritha is a peak in Gippsland Victoria where the parent variety of this plant, Grevillea lanigera, grows naturally.

A great low ground cover with a dense growth habit which makes a thick mat to help reduce weeds and shade the soil. The tight, grey-green foliage provides interesting texture in the garden. Small, pale pink flowers appear sporadically through the year with the main flush of flowers in winter-spring. Great in pots, hanging baskets, rockeries and at the front of mixed garden beds. Plant in full sun or part shade in sandy or well-draining clay soil, frost hardy and drought hardy once established.

40cm H x 1.5m W

Eremophila nivea

Eremophila = desert loving
nivea = white
Common Name = Silky Eremophila

A popular emu bush for its attractive, soft, silver foliage and pretty, lavender coloured flowers from winter to early summer. The bell-shaped flowers will attract nectar feed birds and pollinators to your garden. Needs an open, sunny position in free draining soil with good air flow. Great in mixed garden beds, as a feature plant or in a large pot.


1.5m H x 1m W

Kangaroo Paws

With sunny days and a bit of spring rainfall, Kangaroo paws are looking great at the moment! From 50cm flowers to 2m tall flower spikes and colours ranging from pink, orange, yellow, red, green and more, there is one to suit just about every garden! Good fertiliser and regular summer water is the key to keeping them looking their best. Cut flower spikes down to the ground when flowers begin to fade to encourage further flowers and healthier foliage.

Strappy leaves with 50cm – 2m flower spikes

Adenanthos sericeus
Common Name = Woolly Bush

You will just want to run your hands through the wonderfully soft foliage of this large shrub every time you walk past it in your garden. Not only does it feel great, but it looks great too with silvery-green leaves that seem to shimmer when blowing in the wind. Great as screen or hedge or, keep it in a pot and bring it inside in December for a living Australian Christmas Tree! Small reddish-pink flowers will attract nectar feeding birds and insects to your garden. Grow in full sun or part shade and tip prune while establishing to encourage a more bushy growth habit.

4m H x 1.5m W

Casuarina ‘Cousin It’

Casuarina = foliage resembling the drooping feathers of the Cassowary bird
glaucus = bluish-grey hint of colour (foliage)

This is one little plant that will add a bit of fun and personality to your garden! A low mounding shrub or ground cover with dense, dark green foliage that looks fantastic cascading over walls, down embankments, over rocks and out of pots. Adaptable to a wide variety of soils from sand to clay and in full sun or part shade.

15cm H x 1m W

Banksia nivea

Syn. Dryandra nivea
Banksia = named after Sir Joseph Banks
nivea = White (refers to the undersides of the leaves)
Common name = Honeypot Dryandra

Another fabulous local plant which forms a dense, low mound of dark green leaves with silver undersides.  The orange flowers sit nestled in the foliage and are an important food source for nectar feeding birds and small mammals like the honey possum. Very low maintenance plant that will grow in full sun or under trees in free draining soils.

Interesting info – All plants in the Dryandra genus were renamed as Banksias in 2007 following genetic testing and analysis of characteristics.

1m H x 1m W

What else is at Zanthorrea Nursery?

Native Tubestock
A big range of tubestock, with an extended range in Autumn to Spring. $4.40 each, or for 9 and above $4 each.

Vegetable Seedlings
We love growing our own veges and like to have a big selection for our customers.

Exotic Plants
A select range of exotic plants we have found to grow well in Perth.

Opening Hours: 9am-5:30pm,
Every day except closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Plant Guide

In this guide you will find information on flowering time, colours and heights for plants we often have available. For information about which plants are currently in stock please Contact our friendly staff at the nursery.

Zanthorrea's Plant Guide.pdf

Some web browsers have trouble opening large pdf's, if you are finding it difficult to open, then right click on the icon and 'save target' to your computer, then open using Adobe Reader. This is a free program and you can get a copy Here.

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Zanthorrea Nursery has been an accredited grower for many years. If you would like to know more about the accreditation scheme, click on the link to NIASA website (left).

Zanthorrea is the first nursery in WA to be officially certified by Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA). To learn more, please visit http://www.sgaonline.org.au

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