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Zanthorrea's Bush Telegraph

The Bush Telegraph is our quarterly newsletter, filled with gardening information, local news, and details of new plants and products for your garden. Subscription is free, so if you would like to receive your copy please fill in the form here.

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2022 Editions

Autumn 2022
History of Zanthorrea, Flora for Fauna, Bandicoot Gardens and Biodiversity is Key, 0.6MB

Winter 2022
Starting a Garden in Northam, Potted Plant Health and New Bush Tucker Plants, 1.2MB
Spring 2022
Australian plant adaptions, family friendly gardening and new and unusual plants, 1.1MB
Summer 2022-23
Polinating Australian Plants, Australian Plants for a Drying Climate and some Christmas Gift Ideas, 1.2MB

2021 Editions

Autumn 2021
Garden Releaf, creating a colour splash garden and gardening with dogs, 1.5MB

Winter 2021
Native bee survey, Australian verge Plants, and a focus on local artists, 1.5MB
Spring 2021
Wildflower travels, wildflower books and WA edible native plants, 1.6MB
Summer 2021-22
Summer reading, new gifts and garden art, 0.8MB

2020 Editions

Autumn 2020
Soft foliage plants, grevilleas from Kings Park breeding and new eremophilas, 1.5MB

Winter 2020
WA made products, new plants, grafted plant care and two book reviews, 1.5MB
Spring 2020
Time to propagate, new release plants and conrtolling Fungus Gnats, 1.6MB
Summer 2020-21
Surviving the heat, Patio gardening and to prune or not to prune, 1.5MB

2019 Editions

Autumn 2019
Gardening for the birds and quendas, new release plants and tips on grafted red flowering gums, 1.5MB

Winter 2019
Native bee and insect hotels, resurrecting roo paws and fragrant Australian plants, 1.5MB
Spring 2019
Favourite grevilleas and callistemon, how to make a in-ground worm tunnel and spring veges, 1.6MB
Summer 2020
Waterwising my garden, Three WA Eucalypts, and some New and Interesting Plants, 1.4MB

2018 Editions

Autumn 2018
Great grevilleas for the garden, prickly performers and thrillers, fillers and spillers, 1.5MB

Winter 2018
Our Local Legends and other uses for native plants, 1.5MB
Spring 2018
Plants for Narrow Spaces, Butterfly Bliss and Frog Friendly Gardening, 1.5MB
Summer 2018-19
Celebrating Trees, My Big - Small plants and Bush Tucker plants for pots, 1.4MB

2017 Editions

Autumn 2017
Hidden Gems, Seed Potatoes, Garden Pollinators and Exciting Everlastings, 1.4MB

Winter 2017
A sustainability special with tips on: Recycling, growing your own and home made cures, 1.5MB
Spring 2017
Pollinator plants, the staff's favourite colours in the garden and bits of bush, 1.3MB
Summer 2017/18
Plant Life Balance, Quirky Pot Gardens, and Summer Gardening, 1.5MB

2016 Editions

Autumn 2016
Garden Releaf, sensory gardens, wildflower society and 'My Autumn Garden', 1.5MB

Winter 2016
Hardy plants from the Nullarbor, small garden plants and rainy day books, 1.5MB
Spring 2016
Edible container gardens and water gardens, alkalinity and plenty of new giftware, 1.5MB
Summer 2016/17
Summer Proof, Kangaroo Proof, and lots of new gift ideas, 1.5MB

2015 Editions

Autumn 2015
Garden Releaf, blue gardening and tips on which plants to choose for your soil, 1.5MB

Winter 2015
Habitat gardens, subdividing Roo Paws and book review 'Where Song Began', 1.3MB
Spring 2015
40 years at Zanthorrea, Spring wildflowers and book review 'The South West', 1.4MB
Summer 2015/16
Tips on planting in summer, staff favouite shade trees and creating a centrepiece, 1.5MB

2014 Editions

Autumn 2014
101 edition with lots of helpful how-to's including supdividing a roo paw and pruning, 1.3MB

Winter 2014
An article on moving from the coast to the hills, Garden Myth and Aussie Stars Abroad, 1.3MB
Spring 2014
Results from the winter photo comp, Natives as bonsai and Spring flowering favourites, 1.6MB
Summer 2014/15
Grow your own gifts, a succulent wreath, renewing your Kangaroo Paws & herbs for happy chooks, 1.6MB

2013 Editions

Autumn 2013
Native Myths Busted, Autumn veges & a book review, 'Lets Propagate' by Angus Stewart, 1.3MB

Winter 2013
Renovating the formal garden, spud time and reviewing the new book, 'Rottnest Island', 1.7MB
Spring 2013
Tips on tip pruning, natives in pots and wildflower hot spots, 1.4MB
Summer 2013/14
100th Edition walk down memory lane, 2 things you can't do with-out and summer gardening tips, 2MB

2012 Editions

Autumn 2012
Articles on 'More Trees Please', Autumn flowers & The 'Leaf Litter' Book review, 1.3MB

Winter 2012
Articles on the urban composter, winter veges & flowers & The 'Panoramic Journey' Book review, 1.2MB
Spring 2012
Tomatoes, herbs and tips for a waterwise garden, 1.4MB
Summer 2012/13
Poolside planting, Summer Roo Paws and Tips for an unwettable soil, 1.5MB

2011 Editions

Autumn 2011
Including some history on Zanthorrea and some tips on planting, 2.3MB

Winter 2011
Includes a look at chelsea flower show, winter colour and tips on veges, 1.9MB
Spring 2011
Including articles on Bush Tucker, Heirloom veges and spring favourite flowers, 1.4MB
Summer 2011/12
Including articles on summer veges, Growing natives and flora for fauna, 1.3MB

2010 Editions

Autumn 2010
Including articles on autumn planting, news from production, and the gift shop, 2.7MB

Winter 2010
Including articles on gardening know-how, winter planting, and our new sculpture 'Perenti', 1.1MB

Spring 2010
Including articles on veggie gardening, waterwise gardening, small trees, 1.3MB

Summer 2010/11
Including articles on summer survival, pruning and colour, patio perfect, 1.4MB

2009 Editions

Autumn 2009
Including articles on the display gardens, compost, hanging baskets and our top ten plants, 1.9MB

Winter 2009
Including articles on Celebrate Trees, Shade Tolerant Plants, The Long and Short of Plants, 2.0MB

Spring 2009
Including articles on Our Garden Open, Wonderful Wildflowers, In The Vege Garden 2.1MB

Summer 2009/10
Including articles on Grevillea Woolly Bear Mian, Summer Planting and Pruning, 1.9MB

PLUS: Invitation to Free The Bears sundowner,
2nd Dec 2009

2008 Editions

Autumn 2008
Including articles on Autumn Gardening, Spuds, Chooks and a Greener Earth, 1.7MB


Winter 2008
Including articles on Eco Pots, The Team's Favourite Plants and our recent NGIA win, 1.7MB


Spring 2008
Including articles on healthy soil, SGA's Yummy Yards, perfumed plants.. 1.7MB


Summer 2008/9
Including a "historical ramble", articles on waterwise gardening, eremophilas, SGA.. 1.6MB


2007 Editions

Autumn 2007
Including articles on: Roo Paws, Autumn planting, Sustainable gardening 1.4MB


Winter 2007
Pruning, sustainable gardening and a guide to spectacular winter flowering plants. 1.8MB


Spring 2007
Australia's Open Garden Scheme, Zanthorrea's display gardens.

Summer 2007/8
Fire retardant plants, Aussie plants on the patio, roo paws, green ideas naturally

2006 Editions

Autumn 2006
Including articles on: Flowers For All Seasons, Imported Plants, Autumn Gardening, 1.8MB


Winter 2006
Including articles on: Wollemi Pine, Natural Balance in your Garden, 1.0MB


Spring 2006
Including articles on: Australian Open Garden Scheme, Reviving and Renovating the Garden, 2.1MB

Summer 2006/7
Including articles on: Mulching, What's flowering in Summer, Plants for Small Spaces, 2.0MB

2005 Editions

Autumn 2005
Including articles on: Plants that scratch back, Bringing in the birds, What's flowering in Autumn, 1.9MB

Winter 2005
Including articles on: Wattles, 'Climbing through Winter', What to do in the winter garden, 1.9MB

Spring 2005
Including articles on: A brief history of Zanthorrea, the Canning Stock Route, Potting mixes for native gardens, invasive plants, 1.9MB

Summer 2005/6
Including articles on Waterwise Gardening - Our favourite plants, Aussie Stars for Containers, Summer Gardening, 2.3MB

2004 Editions

Autumn 2004
Including articles on: What's growing in autumn, Contemporary native gardens and looking after australian plants, 1.3MB

Winter 2004
Including articles on Garden Week 2004, What's Flowering Now, Roo Proof plants and Propagation from Seed, 1.4MB

Spring 2004
Including information about banksias, wax flowers, the Australian Mediterranean garden, and spring flowering beauties,1.6MB

Summer 2004/5
Including articles on native Bees, What to do in the Summer Garden, Garden Design and Local Artist Profiles, 1.0MB

2003 Editions

Autumn 2003
Including articles on: What's flowering in Autumn, "Lose your Lawn!", everlastings, dividing kangaroo paws, 1.9MB

Winter 2003
Including articles on: Growing Banksias, Sue's Sandpit Transformation, Pretty Plants in Pots, 1.6MB

Spring 2003
Including articles on: Waterwise gardening, native grasses, and growing from seeds and cuttings, 1.5MB

Summer 2003/4
Including articles on: Summer flowering plants, potting up starter plants, cache pots and, of course, more Waterwise Gardening information for summer, 1.3MB

2002 Editions

Autumn 2002
Including articles on The Natural Gardener (pesticide alternatives), Flora for Fauna, The Autumn Garden Make-over, Grevillea Update and News from Kanyana Wildlife Centre,1MB

Winter 2002
Including articles on Wax Plants, Australian Plants in a Formal Setting, Winter Gardening Ideas and What's Flowering Now, 916KB

Spring 2002
Including articles on Waterwise Gardening, Spring Gardening Ideas and Roo-Proof Plants, 2.3MB

Summer 2002/3
Including articles on: The Top 10 Summer Flowering Beauties, It's Cool in the Summer Garden, Nuytsia floribunda and a details of our new potting mix/soil improver range, 1.5MB

2001 Editions


Spring 2001
Including articles on waterwise gardening, Bush Tucker plants, 5 Colourful Hardy Native Plants and News from Kanyana Wildlife Centre, 1.8MB

Summer 2001/2
Including articles on Patio Gardening, Great Lawn Alternatives, Flora for Fauna and Ideas for Summer Gardening, 1.3MB


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