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Zanthorrea's Plants

Australian native plants are well known for their unique beauty. Long neglected as garden plants in Western Australia, they have had a recent surge in popularity as water-wise alternatives to traditional garden plants. Plant breeders, both in Australia and overseas are developing cultivars and hybrids with wide appeal. As well as looking spectacular in the contemporary or bush garden, our local flora is highly attractive to birds and other native animals.

All the plants we grow on site are potted on by hand and our nursery meets Both NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) and SGA (Sustainable Gardening Australia) standards.

Plant of the Month: Calothamnus Homalophyllus

The Murchison Clawflower is a terrific shrub and one of Alec's favourites. Fast growing with big showy flowers in late winter/spring. The most popular of Calothamnus amongst the bird population! Grows within 100m of the sea to inland well drained soils. Drought hardy and prunes well.

2m plus.

One Dollar from each sale will go towards Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Whats new from our growing area!

Billardiera heterophylla

Commonly called the Native Blue Bell, Billardiera heterophylla is a delicate little climber or small shrub that is local to the Perth Hills. Grows to about 1m high with out support, or 2m high on a trellis. Flowers spring to summer and can grow well in shady positions.

Scaevola 'Zan Fan'

A prolific flowering Scaevola similar to the 'Purple Fanfare'. Great for adding some summer colour to your garden. Also looks good in a hanging basket. Trim back after flowering to keep the form dense.

30cm high x 80cm wide.

Acacia 'Burgandy Cascade'

A popular form of the River Wattle that has lovely burgandy tips to the end of the foliage. They grow to around 3m high by 2m wide and also make a nice dense hedge or screen. This is the first batch we have grown and they are really healthy and look to be a tough plant.

Lechenaultia 'Stirling Orange'

This is a special little plant to Zanthorrea and doesn't seem to stop flowering. They like a position in well drained soil in full sun or part shade. Excellent as a container plant or for a hanging basket to add colour to the backyard.

Banksia blechnifolia

There are a few forms of creeping banksias, but Banksia blechnifolia is my favourite. It is a tough ground cover that needs very minimal water once established. Stems grow sideways and the foliage and flowers stick upwards.

Prostrate, 2m wide.

Sannantha 'Summer Stars'

They might look soft and pretty in summer, but don't be fooled: Sannantha 'Summer Stars' is a tough native plant. Responds really well to pruning, so you can hedge it or under prune it into a small tree.

2m - 3m high. Long lived.

What else is at Zanthorrea Nursery?

Native Tubestock
A big range of tubestock, with an extended range in Autumn to Spring.

Vegetable Seedlings
We love growing our own veges and like to have a big selection for our customers.

Exotic Plants
A select range of exotic plants we have found to grow well in Perth.

Opening Hours: 9am - 5:30pm,
every day except Christmas Day.

Plant List

We have put together a plant List of the plants we normally stock at the nursery. Here you will find information on flowering time, colours and heights. For information about which plants are currently in stock please Contact our friendly staff at the nursery.

Zanthorrea's Plant List.pdf

NEW 28th edition!

Some web browsers have trouble opening large pdf's, if you are finding it difficult to open, then right click on the icon and 'save target' to your computer, then open using Adobe Reader. This is a free program and you can get a copy Here.

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Zanthorrea Nursery has been an accredited grower for many years. If you would like to know more about the accreditation scheme, click on the link to NIASA website (left).

Zanthorrea is the first nursery in WA to be officially certified by Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA). To learn more, please visit http://www.sgaonline.org.au

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